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Very well written! It’s nice to read another story to bring reality to this obligatory hallmark-profit-centered (fucked up) holiday.

I like idea of redefining abusive terms that were once negatively repeated throughout childhood... For me, the verbal abuse sticks around in my head, like a broken record. So, I don’t feel the same would work for me, despite redefinition the poison-tainted words are still hurtful. In your ability to transform them into something positive, I wonder if the toxic cycle is really broken. Does redefining of these words enable your self-love? We all have a different path to self-love. I can see that there is strength behind your words and thoughts. I just wanted to ask in order to learn and glad to read another’s journey on how to heal from verbal abuse.

Thank you for sharing your story. I hearted the article and hope to help you stick it to your mother! Not all mothers deserve a day of honorable mentions.

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