US Anti-Russia Sentiment Is Built On Racism, Xenophobia, Homophobia, And Demagoguery
Caitlin Johnstone

Another fine, thought-provoking piece.

Clapper’s comments remind me of U.S. military leaders during Vietnam saying the Viet Cong (I think) “don’t value human life like we do.”

Recently actor Mark Ruffalo called on people to sign a petition demanding NBC and MSNBC stop the ‘white conservative hiring spree.’

The party that marched against the Vietnam War and for decades supported better relations with the Soviet Union calls Trump a traitor for warning Russia before Syria was bombed, and tries to sniff out every word spoken to any Russian, ever, by Trump and his staff. The party that has bemoaned the Blacklist era in Hollywood is calling for people to not be given work because of their politics.

What’s most interesting is how easily the left has turned into the party of flag-waving xenophobes, and Colbert was applauded for smearing Trump by saying he was engaged in homosexual sex. That’s not how people with a core of strong beliefs behave when confronted by a political opponent they dislike.

Hate is another story.

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