“Donald Trump Makes Ronald Reagan Look Like Abraham Lincoln”
John Battelle

He should do something more Lincoln-esque, like send millions to a country that has a crappy human rights record, or, I dunno, draws a line in the sand and doesn’t enforce it, leading to hundreds of thousands of refugees and thousands of dead. That’s more lincoln-esque.

The left cares about phony prestige. Most people demand the government ensure the economy is sound, to the best of its ability. The MSNBC set can fret all it likes, President You Can Keep Your Doctor had the right pedigree, the right Teleprompter skills, all the phony crap that means nothing. He doubled the debt — that means nothing to the folks who care about manners. I don’t care that Trump is boorish, obnoxious, insulting and doesn’t share a lot of my values; he’s not spying on journalists like the Lincolnesque failure he replaced.

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