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Lynch helps Rooooski Mata Hari into the country even though her visa has expired, to talk about adoption.

Evil Putin spy Rooooski hangs out with democrats, including Ron Dellums, who’s on her payroll.

Bond villainess ROOOSKIE meets with Trump Jr, who has no security clearance, doesn’t need to report such a meeting, which is later reported by Kushner.

Trump Jr. wants dirt on Clinton that may show she worked with the Roooosians (why would Kremlin leak intel about someone they’re working with to Trump Jr.?); gets talk about adoption. Leaves.

Also in attendance: ex-KGB who works for company that created fake Trump Sr. dossier. Why would he be there if goal was to HELP Trump Sr.?

Lynch tapped the whole thing.

Theory time:

Lynch now has justification to wiretap Trump campaign for ‘collusion’ with Russkies.

Rice unmasks names in this intel — why?

Who’s the guilty party in all this?

Trump Jr.

The only way any of this adds up is if the Obama justice dept. was trying to legally tap Trump to find something they could use against him. If this meeting could be used, they would have revealed it before the election.

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