What seems to be missing from this analysis is that from it’s inception, this funding has been…
Kady M.

People conveniently forget one of the most obvious angles of the ACA scheme: All the ‘goodies’ were front-loaded, and the real pain began, coincidentally, just as Obama was leaving office.

The folks screaming the loudest are the ones who know all about this, I suspect.

It’s funny to read the headlines: Trump’s plan to allow people to buy insurance across state lines (an idea embraced by just about everybody before last week) is criticized by…insurance companies. Who I thought were The Enemy. Now, they’re the voices of reason.

I could have sworn the ACA advocates wanted more ‘choice’?

It’s also funny to see the “it’s failed in where it’s been tried,” an evaluation that doesn’t bother the folks who want socialized medicine (and its tens of trillion-dollar price tag) in the U.S.

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