The Biggest Plot Hole In Russiagate Is That Nobody Can Even Say What It Is
Caitlin Johnstone

“Russiagaters are unable to even articulate what specifically their alleged collusion is supposed to have looked like.”

I keep asking Trump-haters, “What did he DO? What did he ‘collude’ on?”

Was it sending out searches so ‘fake news’ articles were moved up in Google searches that somehow lost states for Hillary, as the Senate committee heads claimed?

Did Russia provide Trump with secret codes to the voting machines? Did Trump give Russia John Podesta’s computer password?

What exactly did Trump have that he could offer Russia, and what did Russia have that they could give Trump? Dirt on Hillary? Where was it? What did Trump have on Hillary that shocked everyone?

The cliche is true: It’s an investigation in search of a crime. They want to keep digging until they find SOMETHING to use on Trump.

How democrats can cackle over this is beyond me. Do they think when they get into power again the Deep State will just roll over and do what the future Dem masters ask even if it contradicts their own goals?

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