I completely agree, Blade Runner 2049 really was true sci-fi and developed the ideas and universe…
Paul Frantizek

Science fiction has to a large extent been a sub-genre of action/adventure, and most are only action with SF trimmings (like Rogue One, which was gawdawful).

A few examples of what I consider genuine SF films: A Scanner Darkly, La Jetee, The Andromeda Strain, Island of Dr. Moreau, Primer.

BR 2049 was the real deal because it was about the impact of this advanced society on the characters; the story couldn’t have taken place today because the speculative element WAS the reason the movie was made.

I would have liked to see more of Wallace, to build on his motivation for wanting the replicants to reproduce. Since we see the replicant resistance, I’d have liked to see how Wallace might try to manipulate that, buttering them up by talking about giving them reproductive rights, which ironically would have helped create a larger slave caste.