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The most telling aspect of this is how the democrats who’ve spent a year telling us how outraged they were about Russian involvement in our elections, and how we must track down the facts and imprison or execute the guilty treasonous traitors who are behind this are silent or just shrugging today.

A presidential candidate is accused of collusion with an enemy state.

A presidential candidate, while working in public office, accepted over $100 million from an enemy state for their charity.

A presidential candidate who was ‘dead broke’ in 2001, worked as a senator and then in our state department, and is now worth tens of millions of dollars.

A presidential candidate’s spouse accepted $500k from am enemy state.

A presidential candidate, while acting as our secretary of state, was one of several who advised the president to give control of 20% of the uranium in this country to that same enemy state.

The people who have been railing for A YEAR about how evil that enemy state is look at all of the above, shrug, and say, “I don’t see a problem. Let’s get back to investigating the other candidate even though we have no evidence of collusion.”

This is why I call democrats hypocrites.