Terry McAuliffe and Mike Signer Have Charlottesville Blood On Their Hands
Zach Haller

This was a bunch clowns having a peaceful march about a statue. Instead of mocking them and ignoring them, the left chose to use the force of government to virtue signal. As with all totalitarians, the dems don’t give a damn about the woman killed anymore than they would that a Bernie Sanders fan shot a congressman.

It FEELS good to try to intimidate and harass some ignorant white guys. The cost was a woman’s life. This doesn’t take away from the guilt of her murderer, but as the left used to tell us, nothing is black or white.

For decades the left told us the west helped cause WWII by the punitive peace of WWI. Now they think they can push and push and push and somehow the loony right will just give up.

Instead of using the police to keep violent leftist and violent rightists apart, democrats choose to use the force of government to silence dissent. Just because I think that dissent is incorrect doesn’t mean it should be silenced. The ACLU knows this, but Democrats are so emotional, so filled with hate these days that they don’t care about violating their supposed principles.

There is no difference from the anti-white left and the anti-minority right. Zero.

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