Investment in ourselves enriches our children. The best investment for humanity is our children. The final outcome of our lives is uncertain but the gift we give to life, humanity, is our children. The gift life gives in return, is the journey. Everything an all one goes through is based off ones own decisions. The ability to make, let’s say, a "correct" decision is a skill one learns through life’s up bringing, the raising of a young human. That skill is perfected through use, just as any skill. Main ingredient for proper decision making, a strong positive foundation. Time is needed to go in depth on any topic. Time, is all that is of true value within these moments. Everyday may not be a "good day" though every day is an amazing one. Within this time right now right now, each has the ability to decide for self, where their time is invested with whom their time is invested with an how much of that time is directed to each. No matter the past, no matter the struggles, or failures, if you’re reading these words you are well capable of taking your life an directing it down the path of true happiness. To each they own. The beauty of life, everyone is unique but were all the same, HUMAN. For some it takes loss of a loved one, a traumatic experience, broke lost an penniless, a broken heart, near death experience, a violent up bringing, imprisonment you name a negative instance, issue or situation i tell you clarity strikes at the most weirdest of moments. That’s life. Remain with your sense of humor if your missing one find yours, your gonna need it. Goals are not achieved without struggle. So yes the struggle is real for those who are aiming an reaching for their goAlz at a momentum none other could fathom. For in the mind of they who’ve come to grasp the fact moments are precious, resides an fall in love, face their fears, know heart ache, cheat death, see true beauty internal, an so on an so forth anything that consists of life lived. May our investments grow exponentially within their lifetime with the ability to feel an express true happiness. I hope to leave you in a positive nature. Ima go for a long ass walk.

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