Fetuses can’t speak for themselves because they don’t have developed brains, a conscience, or even…


I respect your position, but cognition and the ability to communicate are not the only characteristics of a human being. There are thousands of elderly, sick and developmentally disabled people who cannot breathe on their own, do not have full cognitive abilities, cannot speak or even move. Absent various machines and other medical devices, they could not survive on their own. The lack of these things does not make them any less human.

To reduce humanity as you have is to make the value statement that only beings like you are actually human. It might be an easy way to view the world and protect what you feel are your privileges, but that does not make it right.

Furthermore, I don’t think there is any way that you or I could possibly know if a fetus has a conscience or not. It certainly is not tied to the brain though, because even highly advanced animals display no sense of right or wrong. This lends credence to the idea that the conscience is something external to the physical being, meaning that humanity cannot be boiled down to communication and cognitive function. The same thing can be said for consciousness itself. It is external, not physical.

While I understand the burden that pro-life convictions place on women, I do not hold to them out of some vague sense of patriarchal authority. Rather, I genuinely believe that abortion is taking a human life, not just terminating a fetus. If I felt that fetuses were not intrinsically human, I would not be pro-life. However, I firmly believe that the loss of human life surpasses any rights that anyone has, not just the right of a woman to choose.

Also, I am not Catholic, and therefore I do not pray using a rosary.

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