Jun 3, 2016

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Looking to Buy Nootropics online?

First know about few uses and types of nootropics and pick the best suited nootropics for you to buy online

Uses and Types of Nootropics;

In order to fully understand the concept of nootropics and what they are used for, understanding the various types available is important. And while of them have quite a history, some of them were established within the past few years. In a nutshell, nootropics are drugs that help improve learning abilities, focus, mood and memory by enhancing functioning of the brain. Every nootropic has its own unique benefits and to the variance among the benefits from different nootropics, people tend to stack supplements with the aim of getting the best results. Nootropics are categorized into several types with some of them having an overlap from others, but at the end of the day, they each have unique benefits.

Natural nootropics:

They are herbal in nature meaning they are plant based hence natural benefits. While they are known to be highly safe, they aren’t as effective as synthetic nootropics. Nevertheless, they improve the health of the brain. Common examples of natural nootropics include Gingko, Bacopi Monneri, Biloba and Valcorine.


Compared to other nootropics, these are relatively new and some of the strongest. They increase the level of glutamate which enhances memory and learning. In addition, they yield desired results without side effects unlike other caffeine substances.


They are effective at crossing the barrier of the brain with a high level of bioavailability. They have an effect on acetylcholine and glutamate, hence the close similarity to racetams. Peptides increase level of alertness, improve brain energy, motivation, memory, and learning capabilities.

Vitamin B Derivatives:

They are derived for B vitamins and hence have similar benefits as the nutrients themselves. Sulbutiamine is a good example of nootropics that fall under this category and is derived from Thiamine. Its origin can be traced to Japan where it was synthesized after a huge population suffered from deficiency of Thiamine. It can treat fatigue; improve energy levels as well as memory.

Choline nootropics:

These are naturally found in the human body but unfortunately, there are people who are deficient. On their own, choline supplements can affect cognition. Choline is vital for synthesis of Acetylcholine to occur hence the importance of choline nootropics.


They are known to improve energy levels, learning capabilities, focus and mood. They are neuro-protective meaning that they can reduce the rate of cell deterioration and increase the rate of cell re-growth. Most improve the uptake of glutamate while there are others that work with Acetylcholine.

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