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Pretty much everyone that knows me knows how much I love baseball and the New York Mets. After their fantastic run last season, I wanted to be able to talk and write about the team more than I’ve had the opportunity to before. This is why I’m really excited to be joining the team at as a contributor for all types of Mets coverage starting today.

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One of my favorite things about Rising Apple is that the goal of this FanSided site is not only to bring you the typical news stories you’d read about on the paper or watch on TV, but to also offer some different, and at times, pretty opinionated takes on what’s happening with the Amazin’s. Our editors and writers are super fans with a great deal of knowledge about baseball and the Mets. I’m excited to contribute to the site’s growth and also learn as much as I can from each one of the team members.

The baseball season is extremely long. With expectations the way they are for the defending National League Champions, there is definitely going to be plenty to talk about and discuss.

I hope you’ll check us out throughout the year, and as always, Let’s Go Mets!

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