My Theory on who is Zoom from The Flash

Tonight’s episode of The Flash brought a ton to the discussion of who is and isn’t Zoom. [Spoilers ahead, obviously]

At the end of “King Shark” (S2 E15), we get a glimpse of what happened after Zoom snuck a hand through Jay Garrick and brought him back to Earth 2 through that last portal. Zoom drops Garrick’s (presumably) dead body, and takes off his mask revealing Zoom’s true identity:

Jay Garrick (played by Teddy Sears)!!!

Zoom then creepily says, “well, this is a complication.” Yeah, no kidding, you just killed yourself somehow?

Here’s my theory on who is lying, and who is actually whom.

First of all, Zoom’s real name is Hunter Zolomon and he’s from the future. We’re not sure exactly when, but I’m assuming we’ll find out eventually.

Secondly, the guy that we’ve known as Jay Garrick from Earth-2 has been lying. His name is also Hunter Zolomon and is the younger version of Zoom. Notice how when they found his E-1 doppleganger he was the only one with a different name? Caitlin didn’t get to talk to him or verify the story she was being told. We all took it as truth and didn’t question it further.

Anyways, on Earth-2, Zolomon (Teddy Sears) developed the Velocity drug to gain speed as he’s jealous of The Flash and wants to be just as fast. He becomes The Rival (a sort of anti-Flash speedster). He eventually gets addicted to Velocity and it messes with his head to the point that it turns him into the psychopath killer we’d later meet. Sometime down the line, Zolomon realizes his addiction to Velocity is also killing him. Even though he’s incredibly fast, he will surely die if he doesn’t figure out a way to replace his dying cells with those of a healthy speedster.

Zolomon decides to go back in time and kidnap The Flash, the real Jay Garrick, and drain his speed. He travels back to the time that the Particle Accelerator explodes and finds Jay Garrick and kidnaps him. Garrick has speed, but since he’s new at being The Flash, he hasn’t really gotten full control of it yet. Zolomon seeks out his younger self and convinces him to pretend to be The Flash (and also call himself Jay Garrick for the time being) while he (older Zolomon) adopts the moniker Zoom to keep up appearances. He wears totally different suit and covers up his face while The Flash doesn’t (why no one can tell the difference between real and fake Jay gets explained below).

This team-up between the old and young Zolomons becomes even more useful when a breach opens up and they realize another Earth is within their grasp. Zoom sends his younger self over to infiltrate S.T.A.R. Labs and get to know E-1’s Flash, and maybe figure out a way to cure himself/learn more about Velocity.

So who is the man in the metal mask? Well, seeing as how that’s the real Jay Garrick, we should really expect that character to be played by a completely different actor, right? Not necessarily. The writers decided to hide his face, so if it was someone we wouldn’t recognize, there wouldn’t really be any need to do that. What if instead, both Jay Garrick and Hunter Zolomon were orphan twins on Earth-2 and were adopted by different families and given different names? This explains not only the jealousy factor of one twin seeing someone that looks just like him having speed and wanting it, but also why no one notices that the real Flash (Jay Garrick) has been kidnapped.

So to recap my theory:

Jay Garrick and Hunter Zolomon are identical twins that were adopted by different families and given different names.

Jay Garrick gets his speed through the Particle Accelerator incident. He’s kidnapped by Zoom, and is the guy in the metal mask.

Hunter Zolomon creates Velocity-9 to gain speed like Garrick, but it makes him deathly sick down the line. Eventually, he pretends to be Jay Garrick/The Flash when Zoom comes back from the future.

Zoom is Hunter Zolomon’s older self that travels back in time to kidnap Jay Garrick and hopefully heal himself and gain even more speed.

In Earth-2, Teddy Sears plays all three of these characters, and when they reveal it’s him behind the mask, it will all make sense once and for all.