We’ve been busy since last summer: 6 major feature releases (macOS support, ProRAW, Flag & Reject, Clarity, Shortcuts Automation, and Grain Rebuild), and ten smaller updates. Behind the scenes, we grew the team and invested heavily in our technical infrastructure and processes as a company, while also working on exciting new features that aren’t ready to be released just yet.

At the end of the day however, none of that is more important than the core promise of Darkroom: a fast, seamless, beautiful, and powerful photo and video editing experience.

Sustainable, long-term businesses operate a little bit like gardens. There…

With iOS 14.3 finally out, and iPhone 12 Pros making their way into people’s hands, Darkroom is ready as always with native support for ProRAW.

We’re also updating our iPhone & iPad apps with all the new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes we built into our latest Darkroom macOS release. From now on, the three platforms will move forward together.

ProRAW for iOS 14.3: Have your cake and eat it too

tl;dr. ProRAW gives you the convenience of processed JPEGs with the editing range of a RAW photo, without either of their flaws. The only negative is the file size.

Darkroom is now available on the Mac as a universal app with support for the new M1 Macs, as well as Intel Macs running Big Sur.

With this update, Darkroom now provides a complete powerful workflow for mobile photographers, all the way from editing on-the-go, to the Mac at home.

Everything is updated to reflect the new macOS Big Sur aesthetic with native components like the new translucent sidebar and native window toolbars. We also optimized all interactions for mouse, trackpad, & keyboard input, sparing no detail in making Darkroom feel at home on the Mac.

Your existing Darkroom+ subscription…

Today we’re launching app-wide support for editing videos in Darkroom, available to all our existing and new subscribers. This is one of the most impactful changes in our history, and it is made possible by the new rendering engine we recently released.

Videos in Darkroom feel as lightweight as photos. They animate, zoom, crop, autoplay and loop, and every edit is made in realtime. By eliminating all the complexities involved in the traditional video editing process, you can now expand the range of your visual stories with little time and effort.

We’re releasing a major rebuild of Darkroom’s rendering engine that will dramatically improve the performance, stability, and reliability of your photo editing experience.

Portrait editing is more reliable and accurate, RAW photos are more stable, and every slider, transition, and interaction is smoother.

This is the result of a yearlong investment that touched much of the app. Although there aren’t any new features, every existing feature is better and faster.

Why take this on?

In 2015 we supported a single image type on two iPhones with one engineer. Making Darkroom fast, stable, and reliable was a manageable task given the simplicity. …

Today’s release of Darkroom includes two new features that people have been asking for for a long time: Export Watermark, and an expanded App Icon Picker. We’re also switching to subscriptions for new users to set ourselves up for success in the next phase of Darkroom’s life.

What does this mean for existing users?

Starting today, anyone who paid for anything prior to this release will have access to all our premium features for free. To be crystal clear, even if you only bought a single filter set 4 years ago, you’ll now have access to all the filters and all the tools! …

You can’t make the best iOS photo editor without integrating deeply into the system. Darkroom holds the mantle of the most deeply integrated photo editor, and with today’s release, we are pushing the latest iOS features to their limits.

Light Mode!

Darkroom’s new Light Mode brightens up and freshens your photo editing experience. We carefully reviewed every button and slider to make everything feel natural. You’ll notice that the sliders have a fresher, more dynamic look to match the new mode. We also added a lighter option for the App Icon! Head to settings for the little surprise.

Darkroom 4.1 dramatically increases the number of ways you can get your photos into Darkroom for editing. It’s also packed with crowd-pleasing details that will improve the experience and efficiency of using Darkroom.

Zero to Darkroom with one tap

What makes Darkroom unique is our deep integration with your photo library. We don’t have a cumbersome import step, and we allow you to freely navigate your library as you edit your photos. Yet this is only valuable though if you use Darkroom as your starting point for browsing and managing photos.

Over time it became clear that in order to fully deliver on our promise of…

It’s finally here! Darkroom for iPad is now available as a fully responsive universal app. You can download it here.

No Half Measures: Building the Best Photo Editing App for iPad

To build the best photo editor that feels native on the iPad, we need to deliver on three core promises:

  • Respect the platform: An iPad app should not be an upscaled iPhone app nor a downscaled desktop app. The best iPad app is touch-optimized, has easy-to-reach controls, and provides efficient access to its most important actions. Similarly, it must fit harmoniously in the iPad ecosystem. …

It started out with a bug, how did it end up like this?

Between iOS 12, Halide 1.9, and Darkroom 3.7, RAW previews in Darkroom became blurry. We went in to investigate, and what we found was not just the fix for the issue at hand, but a larger problem with how we were managing RAW images. Unpacking that problem resulted in a few benefits that make this dot-release more than just a bug fix, but worth its own Medium article:

  1. RAW images are now tack-sharp when previewed
  2. RAW images now support zooming at full resolution (This is new and…

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