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Today we’re launching app-wide support for editing videos in Darkroom, available to all our existing and new subscribers. This is one of the most impactful changes in our history, and it is made possible by the new rendering engine we recently released.

Videos in Darkroom feel as lightweight as photos. They animate, zoom, crop, autoplay and loop, and every edit is made in realtime. By eliminating all the complexities involved in the traditional video editing process, you can now expand the range of your visual stories with little time and effort.

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If you’re already familiar with Darkroom, you can skip this section. But if you’re wondering why you should care, allow us to tell you what we’re all about. …

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We’re releasing a major rebuild of Darkroom’s rendering engine that will dramatically improve the performance, stability, and reliability of your photo editing experience.

Portrait editing is more reliable and accurate, RAW photos are more stable, and every slider, transition, and interaction is smoother.

This is the result of a yearlong investment that touched much of the app. Although there aren’t any new features, every existing feature is better and faster.

Why take this on?

In 2015 we supported a single image type on two iPhones with one engineer. Making Darkroom fast, stable, and reliable was a manageable task given the simplicity. …

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Today’s release of Darkroom includes two new features that people have been asking for for a long time: Export Watermark, and an expanded App Icon Picker. We’re also switching to subscriptions for new users to set ourselves up for success in the next phase of Darkroom’s life.

Starting today, anyone who paid for anything prior to this release will have access to all our premium features for free. …


Majd Taby

Co-Founder/CEO: @usedarkroom. Producer & Writer, @syriandiaspora. Previously: Web and iOS @ IG, FB, and 

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