Darkroom 3.3 — RAW + JPEG, Modify Original, and a Christmas Giveaway

  1. Added support for RAW+JPEG images. Now, when Darkroom detects that the photo is a RAW+JPG composite image, it will default to treating it as a RAW image. This should come as great news to DSLR users who prefer shooting in that mode, and the many users of our new “sister-app”, Halide, which recently added support for the feature. Currently, the JPEG variant is inaccessible. We plan on adding deeper support to this file type in the future.
  2. Improved Modify Original export option. Darkroom now integrates more naturally with the iOS ecosystem, allowing you to continue editing on top of preivous edits, made either by the Photos app or other third-party apps. This should make the experience much more seamless for those who rely on multiple apps in their editing flow.
  • Auto Align Setting. As part of our Darkroom for iPhone X release, we added support for Auto Align using Apple’s brand-new machine-learning-backed Vision framework. Unfortunately, we didn’t add a way to disable that feature. This update addresses that shortsightedness on our part.

Christmas Giveaway

Amazingly we only skipped shipping the month of June! We got caught up in the excitement of finishing the mammoth 3.0 release :)



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