Darkroom For iPad: Faster. Easier. More Powerful.

No Half Measures: Building the Best Photo Editing App for iPad

  • Respect the platform: An iPad app should not be an upscaled iPhone app nor a downscaled desktop app. The best iPad app is touch-optimized, has easy-to-reach controls, and provides efficient access to its most important actions. Similarly, it must fit harmoniously in the iPad ecosystem. Darkroom shines by supporting Portrait Photos, RAW photos, Siri Shortcuts, and adding support for split screen multitasking and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Streamline the editing experience: Importing photos takes time and effort and creates a duplicate library on your iPad. Worse, you may have to pay twice for storage! The best app should eliminate the import process and deeply integrate with iCloud Photo Library. Our Library Sync feature means that from launch, all your photos are instantly available. iCloud support is deeply integrated at all levels of the app, and you can favorite, hide, delete, and export without creating a shadow library.
  • Be familiar: What good is a powerful feature if nobody can use it or find it? Pro-grade tools have often lagged behind consumer tools in design and usability, but we believe that’s a false tradeoff. We pride ourselves on the usability and focus of our pro-grade tools. The best app should be familiar, recognizable and friendly. We have made pro-grade photo editing as fast and easy as browsing photos.

A Responsive, Universal Interface

Extensive Keyboard Support

Giving Albums Their Due

The Photo Strip

Color Histogram

A New, Friendlier Brand

As apparent, we are fans of a living brand. The above is just a small sampling of all the frequent explorations we do.

Darkroom × Moment

If you have both Halide and Moment installed, you will be able to pick what app to use by default the first time you tap. Later, you can also tap-and-hold to re-choose what your default 3-party camera app of choice is.

App-Wide Refinement

  • Value labels on sliders: Being able to see the values means being able to reproduce and share looks. It means editing with more confidence and refinement.
  • Filter strength: We’ve revamped how it works, now, when you adjust the strength of a filter, you’ll be able to clearly see that adjustment in the filter at all times, and you can copy/paste edits with the strength adjustment, and even make your own filter with a custom strength.
  • Full Right-To-Left language support: When using the app in Arabic or Hebrew, the entire user interface will now flip, along with all the gestures and arrows. We’re extremely proud to offer first-class support for this.
  • Undo and Redo Gestures: Tap with two fingers to undo, three fingers to redo. Works on iPhone and iPad.



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