Darkroom’s 2 Year Anniversary Celebration: 30% Sale and an App Update

Darkroom 2.6 Changelog:

  • When rotating an image that hasn’t explicitly been cropped the cropped area now remains the maximum size. Previously, the crop region would not rotate with the image.
  • The As Shot option in the Crop tool now properly resets to the maximum size.
  • The “Buy ProKit” flow has been updated to be less confusing, making it clearer you can either just buy ProKit or use our Limited-Time Offer to buy everything at a discount.
  • The on-boarding flow for new users got an update, making the whole process shorter, and making restoring your previous purchases much simpler.
  • In Settings there now is a Help section available with easy access to tutorials and frequently asked questions and our Darkroom Sunday School tutorials.

Now Let Me Get Sentimental

Our “Mission Control Room”. Managing reactions, communications, and ensuring the system stays fast under the heavy load.

Editing workflows are inefficient, and creative tools are limiting

The Long Quiet

The Long Run Forward

Creative Tools for Creative Professionals



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