Benefits of becoming a Marine

Joining the Marine Corps comes with several remarkable benefits, and I will explain several of them in this segment. The first beneficial incentive is free medical and dental. On day one of recruit training, you will obtain total health coverage while on active duty. Also, if you happen to be married or have children they too will have access to outstanding dental and healthcare free of charge. Housing is your second beneficial reward because immediately after joining free on-base accommodation will be made available to you. Also, if you have a family and decide to live off base, you will be compensated monetarily based on the local housing cost for your current living area. Guaranteed salary is your third advantage, and it commences soon as you start boot camp. You will you receive pay based on a scale relative to your military rank. Furthermore, regular pay raises, and cost of living increases are a common occurrence while serving on active duty which can add additional funds to your bank account. Retirement rewards are your fourth benefit, as a soldier you could join the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) which is like a 401-tax-deferred plan. Also, completing 20 years of honorable service grants you a pension. Additionally, you will have full medical, dental coverage and enjoy the benefits of on-base discounted shopping at military exchanges and commissaries. Although there are many more benefits of becoming a Marine, those that I have mentioned justify why it could be an excellent start for you.

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