Crayola To Retire “Dandelion” Colored Crayon After Pressure From White House
Allan Ishac

Oh boy, and this wasn’t even posted on April Fool’s Day! I think it REALLY sad that (1) Trump became so incensed in the first place (it must have seriously offended his huge ego complex); (2) that the White House decided to actually act on his command to contact Crayola to squash the offending Dandelion; (3) that Crayola then actually decided to remove the crayon from its collection. So — will a Presidential ban now be applied to any other object in the USA of this colour hue? Sad, sad, sad. And, oh from the mouths of babes — “I think President Trump is a dick.” I could not have expressed it better myself. Oh, and the idiosyncratic behaviour of a certain North Korean madman comes to mind too; I wonder why?