Wow thank you so much James.
Frances Maxwell

Thank you, Frances 😊. I had not realised that you had already submitted your article to ‘Invisible Illness’ — a reputable publication on For your information, writers can only submit their articles/stories (on Medium) to one publication at a time, i.e. your article can only appear in one alone — as well as on your own profile timeline, of course. That is a little regrettable for Liberté de Santé™ (in this instance) on the one hand, but great for ‘Invisible Illness’ on the other! It pleases me that you were courageous enough to write the article and publish it to Medium, and then to allow submission to a publication. That is all that matters — getting the message out there for the benefit of all. Please do visit and check out Liberté de Santé™ and feel free to request submission of your (appropriate health-themed) articles in the future either to my publication or, indeed, to any publication on Medium that best fits your needs. We all need your input! Keep on trucking! Oh, and thanks for the follow!