The Creative World of Vegetable and Fruit Art

Art to fuel your mind, body and spirit!

Being a great lover of wholesome and healthy plant-based foods — but also of art — I could not resist combining the two and taking a bite at the world of creative vegetable and fruit art.

What better way to showcase the artistic talent of vegetable and fruit artists I thought than to allow the subject to unfold with Medium’s new Series publishing resource. And, rather than engaging in lengthy prose, I’ll let the artwork do most of the talking.

This article has, therefore, already been published to Series, but I have also reproduced the first instalment of Vegetable and Fruit Art here in a conventional post format, so that a wider audience may also receive benefit. To gain full access to this series, though, you’ll have to access it via your Medium Android or iOS app.

To start my series, I take a look at the artistic talents of Amber Locke, otherwise known on Instagram as rawveganblonde. Amber can also be found on Twitter, Facebook and on AMBA, her website, where you can purchase limited edition unframed Giclée photographic prints. Amba also takes commission requests.

“AMBA is my ‘veg art’ themed design brand which blossomed from my passion for a fruit and vegetable-based diet and living a healthy lifestyle!”
Above left — Gaining a sense of scale. Amber close to finishing one of her fruit creations. Why limit yourself to vegetable art alone!

Amber has produced two delightful paperbacks (plus Kindle editions), shown in the image above right. To preview and purchase these, click on the links:

Let’s take a closer look at a small collection of Amber’s vegetable, fruit (and sometimes flower-inclusive) creations below:

Above left — Plant medicine 🥑. As Amber states, “Make sure you get your greens today!” Above center — Groovy rhubarb! Above right — Healthy Christmas greetings, and not a turkey in sight!
Above left — Staying with the Christmas theme — festive kale with parsnips, cauliflower, berries and holly. Above center — A veggie snowflake ❄️ for a beautiful frosty day. Above right — A vegetable 🥕 starburst
Above left — Market fruit, veg and flowers. Above center — Autumn 🍂 ingredients for a spicy butternut, carrot and pepper soup. Above right — Amber’s “Happy Halloween” creation 🕸
Above left — Fresh fruit kaleidoscope! 🌼. Above center — “Here’s to energy, vitality and nourishment — live well, eat well, feel great!”. Above right — Galactic starburst!
Above left — Fig and pomegranate salad pattern. Above center — Fresh and juicy! A citrus-theme design 🍊. Above right — Vintage-style citrus 🍋
Above left — “I love to see pics of my prints hanging in customer’s kitchens! This is a limited edition print of my ‘Cauliflower, Oranges and Marigolds’ design seen here in a beautiful kitchen in Israel”. Above center — Amber in the act of creation. Above right — Amber’s finished creation (see the previous photo) for a client’s press launch
Above left — Fruit jackpot! 🍍. Above right — Alternative field work!
Above left — Amber’s creation publicising the UK’s EU (Brexit) Referendum 🇬🇧. Above right — Hands across the water. Let’s not leave out the United States of America 🇺🇸