The Hustler, the Hipster, and the Hacker

Once upon time there was a hustler, a hipster, and a hacker — and they created one hell of a startup.

You have the idea for a startup, and you are determined to succeed. You’re the hustler. However, you can’t do it alone.You look throughout social media and your phone contacts to find business partners. No, not her — too lazy. He used to steal my lunch money in high school! Ms. Lazy and the bully = eliminated.

After hours of searching, two catch your eye: the girl whose senior prank included redirecting the school’s website to an escort service — the hacker and the guy with the Ray Ban glasses who wants to save the earth — the hipster.

Why is this trio the ultimate Dream Team? They each have their specialty and make up where the others lack.

The hustler is the die-hard, go-getter who main goal is to, well, reach their goal. He or she is getting their hands dirty and is the leader of the team.

The hacker: Focused, reliable, and analytical. While this could involve coding, it might not — essentially this person creates the product and has major technical skills.

The hipster: Creative, empathetic, great communicator. Brings innovative ideas to the team and ensures the product is cool enough for perspective consumers.

Once your team is setup, perhaps before, a business model canvas is essential. Are you used to seeing 30-page business plans? Those days are over thanks to us millennials (we’re not lazy, we just think of easier, quicker ways to do things!). This new, one-page model features several boxes including, key activities, partners, and resources, customer relationship and segment, value proposition, cost structure, and revenue stream. Using this mere 1 sheet of paper saves trees and time and make it much easier to revise later.

In layman’s terms — and infantile internet humor — 3 guys (or girls, or guys and girls) and 1 paper are the initial keys to a startup. Of course, the business idea needs to be good, the team has to get along, etc. But it’s enough to get you started.