#23 JOUR 220

At 5 p.m. Sunday, four Springfield University students capsized off the cost of Daytona Beach Florida resulting in the death of a 19-year-old female.

The 16-foot boat reportedly sprung a leak, forcing the students to hang onto one of the catamaran’s pontoons all night without life jackets.

At dawn the students attempted to swim to Ormond Beach which was 4 miles away.

After they had begun swimming for shore, 19-year-old Christy Wapniarski called for help, claiming a shark had attacked her. Nineteen-year-old Randy Cohen swam over to help. Once he reached her he grabbed her and began to swim towards shore.

“Randy, don’t go back there; you’ll get eaten too,” student Tammy Ennis reportedly said to Cohen before he swam to rescue Wapniarski.

Twenty-year-old Daniel Perrin swam to help them. He reportedly checked Wapniarski’s pulse and informed Cohen that she had passed away. Perrin continued to swim with Wapniarski before letting her go.

The three living students successfully swam the remaining 6 hours to shore. Perrin was stung by multiple portuguese man-of-wars and was the only student who has not been released from the hospital. He remains in Halifax Hospital in Daytona Beach Florida.

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