Chapter #8

A. The Roanoke Times does a fairly good job reflecting immediacy.

B. This news site saves it’s readers time by providing accurate and direct leads.

C. The information is easily accessable through a quick click on the Articles title.

D. The articles that are the most important news have quality pictures. All of the articles are also very verbally informative

E. From the stories that I read, they appeared to be concise and not at all repetitive.

F. There are some lists and bullets on the site.

G. The stories paragraphs are well formatted and length appropriate.

H. The Roanoke Times did not flood their stories with hyperlinks but appropriately sprinkled them throughout their majority of articles.

I. ?

J. I thought that the Roanoke Times did an excellent job of giving readers what they are mainly looking for, and that is the facts.

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