At NG Conf 2020, NgRx Core Team member Mike Ryan gave a talk titled “State of NgRx”. In it, Mike introduced the newest section of the NgRx family, NgRx View, which includes the @ngrx/component and @ngrx/router libraries.

In this blog, we’ll look at @ngrx/component, which rethinks how change detection works…

NgRx v7.0 included the released of a new @ngrx/store/testing module that features a mock Store to be used in testing NgRx applications. The module was introduced in #1027 with some documentation following in #1591.

Note: You can use this API and functionality in NgRx v5 and v6 using the standalone…

A common use of the RxJs filter operator is to only allow or prevent certain types from being passed to the next pipe operator or subscribe function.

const scrollEvents$ =
filter(event => event instanceof Scroll)

However, you’ll notice in the above snippet that scrollEvents$ is inferred to be…


Angular is a fast evolving framework. At a similar pace, there is a growing set of tools to improve our usage of it, including UI tests. Although Protractor is the Angular designated UI testing framework, there has been excitement about Cypress.

Most development teams who use one UI testing framework…

Many Angular developers chose to use Angular Material because it provides a huge set of components that reduce the complexity of building user experiences. One of my favorites has been the Dialog component.

The default functionality provided by Material allows developers to launch a dialog by injecting the MatDialog service…


Angular Version 6.1 added the “Scroll Position Restoration” feature. It allows configuration of the scroll position on navigation.

`ScrollPositionRestoration` has been added to the option of the second argument of `RouterModule.forRoot` method, usually imported in the App Module. It includes three options with the following functionality:

* ‘disabled’ — does…

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