ASB Packed Valves

As we all know, a valve is a device that helps the user to control the flow of the gas or liquid. The valves may control the flow either automatically or manually by opening, closing or partially shutting the passageway. These mechanical devices have become an important tool in piping systems.

Valves are an integral part of our daily life. Valves have a wide range of domestic as well as industrial applications. There are different types of valve, some with a pressure relief device, some to be used with liquid, gases or slurries. Valves basically regulate the flow.

Types of valves

The most common types of gas cylinder valves are ammonia, chlorine, CNG valve, ASB valves, packed valves, valves with a diaphragm, gate valve, globe valve, line valve, fuse valve and LPG valve to list a few. All the valves have a specific design and application.

The material used to make ASB Valves

Various metals are used to manufacture valves:

Aluminum: resistant to corrosion, non ferrous metal with a chemical weight 1/3rd of that of steel

Copper: excellent thermal and electrical conductivity property, corrosion resistant and highly ductile which makes it an ideal material to use for valves that function at higher temperatures

Bronze: it is the first alloy developed and widely accepted for pressure valves and fitting as it has a higher strength than copper. Easy to join and highly resistant to pit corrosion

Silicon Bronze: highly ductile, corrosion resistant and much higher resistance to stress cracking makes it an ideal material for stem in the valve manufacture

Aluminum Bronze: is widely used to make disc in butterfly valves. It is heat treatable, corrosion resistant and very strong, though cannot be used for applications with high pH

Brass: good machinability and corrosion resistant, which makes it the commonly used material for valve and stem in ball valves

Alloys of iron: these are gray iron, ductile iron, cast steel, nickel plated ductile iron, which is used to make valves that are used in pressure vessels. For bonnets, stem and bodies in gate, check or butterfly valves

ASB packed valve is made aluminum, silicon bronze valve that is used in the following applications.

  • Liquid or gas chlorine
    • Insecticides and fumigants
    • Bleaching agents

The body of the ASB packed valve is resistant to corrosive gases. You may choose a ASB Valve with a pressure relief device or without one. This depends up on your applications.

What features to look for in an ASB packed valve or a CGA valve

• Bonnet assembly
• Reliable dual backup ring design
• Innovative design of the valve
• Industrial strength
• Reduction in stress zones

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