Why Karen Kabaki-Sisto’s 10 “Perks” for bullied autistic kids is bull.

Recently, on the website Autism Daily Newscast, a speech therapist named Karen Kabaki-Sisto dropped an article that was massively insulting to autistic people titled “10 Perks Kids with Autism Get from Bullying.” In it, she basically argues that autistic kids that are bullied can have a POSITIVE experience from it….Umm…what the fuck? As someone who was bullied himself for many years as a kid for autism-related reasons, I have to stop and call bullshit on this lady’s stupidity.

That being said, let’s go over what these “perks” are, and why Kabaki-Sisto is absolutely bloody stupid wrong:

  1. Promoting Autism-Friendly Programs: In Karen’s world, parents, teachers, therapists etc all work together to ensure autistic kids learn and study in a safe environment. In the REAL world, most teachers barely give two fucks about the “special needs” kid, and will often dismiss the bullying as “school spirit” or tell the autistic kid to “buck up,” much like they would a neurotypical kid. They’re certainly not going to pull out an “It gets better” campaign for autistic kids, and if they do, chances are it will be completely superficial and token at best.

Karen Kabaki Sisto, it seems pretty clear that at best, you tried to put a positive spin on something that’s outright horrible and utterly failed from lack of knowledge, competence, or compassion. At worst, you’re actually advocating for autistic kids to be bullied so that they can gain these “perks.” Or perhaps you just wrote this because clickbait.

No matter the reason, SHAME ON YOU, KAREN KABAKI-SISTO.



Paralegal by day, Anti-woo advocate and technologist by night.

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