4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump
Dale Beran

Your post is basically 32 minutes of cherry picking, speculation and conjecture, and nothing more.

Your attempts to compare Anonymous to 4chan are absolutely ridiculous. Yes, you could say that 4chan gave birth to them, but to try to link them to 4chan 100% is impossible. Once Anonymous took off, they pretty much stayed separate from the community and I really don’t feel it’s fair to lump them together. Also, I’m impressed that a group of people went from trolling Habbo Hotel to taking on Scientology because of the “lulz.” The Church of Scientology has a major information shield policy, mainly because they hide some seriously shady shit. “ Anonymous worked to crack them open and you choose to dismiss them as nerds? Fuck you.

You claim that the rules of 4chan were “created by a bullying and anarchic society of adolescent boys.” What’s your reasoning on this? Any evidence? You claim this and then go on to insult the people on 4chan. Step up your writing and offer some evidence.

In fact, your constant nerd shaming is flagrantly apparent throughout the article: “(Poole himself lived in his parents’ basement well after the initial success of the the site.)” And this line: “a nerd dressed like Neo from The Matrix in a long black duster shouted, “Now back to our parents’ basements!” and the whole crowd laughed.”

“Durings the raids, they would enforce “Rule 1”, and conceal the very fact of 4chan. “ 
“This, of course, did not describe everyone, but it was the bulk of the bell curve. “

“Soon 4chan and other like minded men who felt wronged by women, took up the rallying cry. The effort somehow moved from lurid interest in a particular woman’s sex life to a critique of video games.”

Gamergate too! Wow, You’re really wedging this all in. I’ve completely forgotten what this article is about. Oh right, how Trump is 4chan or something.

Your interpretation of Pepe is just plain wrong. Your evidence for it, if you had looked at the page you cited, was that it was referencing a story about a kid at an elementary school, not some shit about “embracing your ideology.”

Finally, at the end of the wall of text you posted, you try to link Trump, and fail miserably. You provide some weird rhetorical interpretation of Trump being “loserdom embraced” without presenting any information on it. You imply that the only reason people would vote for trump is that it’s “an acknowledgement that the promise is empty.” Tell that to the many people I know who voted for Trump not because of some empty promise, but they wanted a radical change in politics.

Look, I get that people in an ethnographic position don’t completely get the culture they intend to research as they’re not a true part of it, but you basically took 4chan and twisted it into some weird fucked up thing it isn’t, then tried to spin it into Trump via some bizarre Pizzagate-caliber antics.

Get your head out of the rhetorical criticism books.

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