What happens?

A light-hearted daydream

Jason Theodor
May 31, 2018 · 2 min read

What happens when your vocabulary can’t keep up with your experiences?

What happens when you are a pattern recognition machine that wants to recognize chaos or entropy?

What happens, when once in a blue moon, the moon turns dark ochre?

What happens when you make yourself vulnerable and feel awash with confidence?

What happens when your most shameful moments are what built your resolve?

What happens when the thing you love to do the most starts to bore you?

What happens when your true voice isn’t one people want to hear?

What happens when you lose touch with your younger self?

What happens when you change just enough to worry if you are the same person, but not enough to change back?

What happens when you build a reputation that becomes obsolete?

What happens when you pretend to be positive, but then feel better despite your best efforts to be miserable?

What happens when your own thoughts aren’t enough to keep you interested in what you are thinking?

What happens when the world around you slips into another generation?

What happens when you are over, yet everything still goes on?

What happens when you are thankful and grateful for every single moment, even the saddest, even the maddest, event the baddest?

What happens when you admit that your life isn’t going to change the world but that it is already part of a world that has changed?

What happens when you stop worrying and let things play out?

What happens when you decide not to give a fuck, and that makes you care about everything ten times more?

What happens?

No, seriously, what happens?

These aren’t rhetorical questions.

Please answer all of them in the comments below.

Jason Theodor

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is a Director of Imagination/Speaker/Writer/Geek who is trying to comprehend his surroundings. He’s also writing a book: https://medium.com/creative-ignition