Usability II — Mobile testing

This week we’re beginning work on designing a mobile usability test. Mobile technology has moved quickly in the last few years, and so it’s not surprising that some of the course readings are a tad antiquated at this point — even though they’re only a handful of years “old.” The assignment itself seems a little tired, since it involves transitioning a company from a web interface to a mobile interface. But in the program’s defense, there are many companies still doing this!

I’m hardly in a position to complain: unlike some in my program, I’ve never designed such a transition before. It will be good to learn. This is probably something that all UXD professionals have in their toolbox.

One of my goals in this assignment will be trying to keep it as current as possible. Since the web-to-mobile transition is the new Oregon Trail of tech, I think there will be a lot of interesting resources for this. I want to look some of them up.

It’s always nice to learn from other people’s mistakes.
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