7.3 on the Richards Scale

This is supposed to be the act where I’m not depressed, still am. Check the gate and try again. Maybe there’s something under this mop, maybe an answer, maybe a hope, it was forgot. Knuckles bleeding, lesions leaving purple marked stains on my new white pants. Damn. Won’t be needing those til after labor day. All my friends say that’s impolite, but what’s it matter, our banter is bits and pieces one at a time. Oh look, I think there was a rhyme. Maybe not. There’s a lot of uncertainty behind dry contact lenses, where is the Visanne again? Left it on the shelf next to the unopened box of condoms and lube that looks like shampoo. The right cap went on it right? It was dark the night of the shower, can’t be too certain. Jogging is a waste of time. Causes the heart muscles to actually become weaker, despite what every vegan says. Those trends all pick them selves up by their Whole Food bags, on the subway again. That’s way too far to travel for groceries. Those eggs are bound to crack shaking around with that block of cheese. There’s a warm cup of coffee waiting, don’t drink it too fast. The cup is high in acid, nothing worse than a mid afternoon trip. 6 kernels of popcorn on this floor, if I turn up the thermostat maybe they’ll pop. Got that bag in the bodega next to the stocker with the cum stain on his shirt. Probably should’ve had a sock. Can’t say it’s used for fantasies, porn stars go too quick. Names change quicker than the scenes, before you know it Sasha Grey is forty three. Time goes too quick, but that’s probably a habit better for kids. Gotta out grow that one. Maybe next week. When was the first week that was said? Don’t know, it’s hard to remember. The smell of weed still felt good, a beer felt dangerous instead of refreshing. Now it’s all slower. Tired. Metaphors are only for chipper fingers hooked on speed. Not these though. Flick out the contacts on the wall, notice their dried out stain months later. Still wearing contacts not on the wall.

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