Be Like Nike. Just Do It!

It took me thirty years to discover the biggest secret to maintaining happiness. I hope you’ll find it helpful.

Jesse Warren Tevelow


I’ve done it. I’ve discovered the secret to prolonged happiness. Yes, it’s taken me about thirty years and I still have to remind myself constantly, but I’ve figured it out. Ready? Here it is—the secret to being happy:


Okay, I know this is stupidly obvious. But sometimes the most obvious truths are the most elusive and overlooked.

We usually discover our passions by following our joy. Whether it’s writing, or watching movies, or building products, or fishing, or drawing, or solving algebraic equations, we tend to explore various activities and then latch on to the ones we like the most. But then somewhere along the journey of growing up, we get sucked into schoolwork and resumes and bills and jobs and mortgages. Before we get a chance to take a breath, we realize we can’t do the things we like to do anymore. We’re stuck. Such is life, right? WRONG!

Stop assuming your life is on a prescribed trajectory—this is the opposite of reality. You are always in control. When I look back at my life, I realize the most positive and important decisions I’ve made have come from being almost…