8 years ago (on Facebook)

Originally published privately on Facebook in response to a memory Facebook suggested I remember.

Vending machine ocean Asahi.

This is a good one. Traveling alone from Osaka to Shanghai by boat 8 years ago. Vending machines on-board sold beer. Summer of 2008. Global economy falling over in slow motion. I was mostly oblivious. Graduate job at Google secured in March while still an undergraduate. Only later did it become clear how fortunate I was to do that. Met another Brit on the boat: lived in Sapporo, afraid of flying, traveling back to the UK over land for sister’s wedding (and likely to arrive a few days late). Beijing Olympics a couple of months away and all passengers treated to a horrendous Olympic dance from a troupe of middle-aged Chinese ladies who’d just toured Japan. Spent most of the 2 day voyage on the roof of the boat listening to Danny Byrd’s Supersized and reading James Bond novels. Well done Timehop, err, Facebook Memories.

And here are the pictures Facebook doesn’t have access to.

Passing islands out from Osaka on our way down to Fukuoka.
The full resolution ocean beer shot.
Starting up the river to Shanghai.
The port of Shanghai.
Smoggy skyline.