The Road Less Traveled


What would your life look like if life gave you the choice to choose between a “more difficult” or “less difficult” road? What would you choose if you knew in advance that the more difficult road led to multiple failures before there would be any hope of success, while the less difficult road led to easy success, comfort, and accolade?

I know, tough questions right?

Before you answer that question emphatically, I urge you to think carefully. You see, according to the Scriptures (James 1:2), you’re shaped more by your difficulties than you are by your successes. However, human nature has somehow deluded us into seeing-or at least acknowledging-one’s faults less, the more materially successful one is.

Generally speaking we tend to scrutinize failure and dissect all the reasons for why one failed. As a result, failure demands that you reexamine your options more carefully, and choose more wisely the next time. I’ve found from personal experience, that people are more gracious, more compassionate, and more giving when they’ve walked the more difficult path…the road less traveled.

So if your life’s journey seems to have taken you down the more difficult path, don’t despair. Don’t for one moment let people or circumstances convince you that your failure or difficulty defines you. Forty days in the wilderness, made Jesus acutely aware of difficulties, but also of the need to allow those difficulties prepare Him for a greater calling and purpose.

If you’ll simply do the same, you’ll find that you just might begin to define success differently than the world. Oh, and remember, you’re in good company if you’re walking a similar path to the Carpenter from Galilee. Just my dos centavos!

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