The True Cost of Discipleship Is…

The true cost of discipleship is freewill. Because we have freewill, we know that we can choose whether or not to submit to the will of God (every single living/thinking human expresses that choice daily). Choosing to surrender your will to His purpose and plan therefore, is the daily cost of discipleship. Jesus Himself declared, “go, make disciples (not Christians, not converts, not adherents) of all nations.”

A disciple, according to the original Greek word means: student, pupil, apprentice, follower, as opposed to teacher or expert. This would suggest that, in order to effectively obey the charge to make disciples of all nations, we must first become disciples ourselves, and then engage the world around us by engaging with people relationally.

That’s how Jesus discipled the people around Him. He spent Himself pouring into their lives, and even when they demonstrated how fickle their faith was by lauding Him one day and denouncing Him the next, He still loved on, cared for, wept for, and prayed for them. Even when they chanted for His crucifixion in the final week of His earthly sojourn, His one charge to His disciples was:

As I have loved you, now you love one another ~ John 13:34–35

Note that He didn’t say, love only in the way you feel like loving. He didn’t invite them to pick and choose the when, the whom, or how they loved. Instead, He called them to a love that’s beyond our human ability to comprehend. The kind of love He showed to Matthew the tax collector when he was considered the lowest of the lows amongst a people whom he taxed till they were impoverished.

The kind of love he showed to Nathanael who, before he became a disciple declared, “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” The same selfless love He showed to Peter when Peter denied even knowing Him when challenged by a middle school aged girl. When you love like this only then “will everyone know that you are my disciples.” ~ John 13:35

In discipleship our role is not to saturate people with information, but to create a hunger for truth. We aren’t the answer to the worlds problems, we’re only apprentices. Jesus is the answer, and He’s the “Author and Perfecter of our faith. Just my dos centavos!