Statement on the DSA Funds for Victims of Terrorism in Charlottesville
DSA Richmond

We share the frustration, at least in small part of DSA Richmond. I filed a working group application for a national DSA Medics Working Group 4 days after A12 in response to the violence to provide DSA chapters trained street medics to provide care for DSA victims of police and vigilante violence as well as ensure the health and wellness of DSA locals in between protest actions and political events. We have activists from across the country from various chapters and working groups organized and prepped and ready to provide these skills, especially to chapters from the south, the south west, and north west where political violence has significantly increased over the last year.

  • We have developed a DSA standard trauma kit that reduces training time for medics and preps each medic to deal with gunshot wounds and other penetrating traumas
  • we have developed a DSA medic training curricula that includes first aid but also activist support, sexual assault victom advocacy training, and training to support POC, LGBTQ, and disabled DSA members in their political work.
  • A psychological mass casualty training module has been developed that will be the first in the country for street medics developed with input from DSA Veteran’s working group and Chicago Action Medical street medics who were present at Charlottesville to ensure victims of political terror are not vulnerable immediately in the aftermath of an attack or are left alone to deal with resulting mental health scars.
  • The same level of service that was provided to the national convention this August in the form of a staffed health and wellness booth that provided self care and medic support for the various physical and psychological injuries sustained during DSA’s largest political event in it’s history.

We have been waiting for a response from NPC as well. We have been in contact with Maria Svart, David Duhalde, Peg Strobel, Dele Balogun, Natalie Midiri, Zac Echola, and Ravi Ahmad Haque asking when the health and safety of DSA membership would finally be prioritized. Time and again promises have been made but no action has been forthcoming. Our first national training has been postponed because our working group could not use national resources to advertise our existence to the general membership.