I’m Jamie Thingelstad, and this is my Weekly Thing. Did you know that you can also get this via your favorite feed reader using the RSS feed? Hooray for the web standards!

Happy Halloween! 🎃 I hope you and your families have all found ways to still have fun, especially for the kids, as we mark off our first pandemic trick-or-treat event. 👻 I personally procured 12 lbs of Haribo Gummi Bears. I’m still deciding how much I’ll share. 🍬

We are also in the final few days before the US Election. 🇺🇸 I was thinking recently how effective my privacy protection and ad blocking on the web is. I’ve managed to completely avoid all political advertising, and nearly all advertising in general. Add in the avoidance of social networks and you have a nice and quiet web. A big thank you to 1Blocker and Pi-Hole for that. If you aren’t one of the 60 million that have already voted, I hope everything goes smoothly as you visit the ballot box on Tuesday. …

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Minnesota seems to have skipped most all of Fall and jumped straight to winter. This week we had record breaking snowfall. Nearly every day had some snow. And the temperatures have hovered just above or below freezing all week. This is not how the middle of October should be. I’m still hopeful that we will see a return of Fall before we plunge into the real winter. ❄️🥶

Let’s jump right into the inks this week…

I’m Jamie Thingelstad, and this is the Weekly Thing. You signed up on my website. If you’d like to unsubscribe, just click that link. One-click, all done, goodbye. 👋

Well, this is a little odd, what day is it? Yeah, it’s Sunday. What is the Weekly Thing doing landing in your mailbox on Sunday?

This week was MEA break for Minnesota schools. We rented an RV and headed out on a 5-day trip in Northern Minnesota. The whole trip was cold, really cold. Temperatures were in the mid-30’s each day. All was fine and then Friday we drove from Grand Marais to Grand Rapids. …


Jamie Thingelstad

Married, father of two. CTO SPS Commerce! Board member MnTech.

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