Living a life as a college student and a United Nations Youth Delegate

“I really like helping people. I really love international relations. So, when ever they gave me the chance, I said, ‘of course, yes.’ If I can help my country, as little as being representative in the U.N, that would be amazing.”

Nahuel “Nano” Gorostiza is a 20 year old Kent State digital science student. He lives as a normal college student would. Nahuel works at Eastway Market and is part of Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity. Nahuel is also a DJ on the side. In the end, working at Eastway and DJing isn’t the most important job for him. Nahuel is also a youth ambassador for the U.N. from the country of Argentina.

Nahuel travels a couple times a year to New York City to participate in youth forum meetings where he talks about how to “better the world for future generations.” He explains this by talking about getting food and water to Third World countries and making sure the citizens of other countries have basic human rights.

Nahuel had conversations with different youth delegates about how they can each better their home countries. They describe and advocate for different ideas for which each other’s home countries might be able to benefit.

Nahuel would love to keep the position after he graduates college. He enjoys the work he does and enjoys helping out other people. He might not remain in the position after three to seven years. Just like the U.S., when the leader of the country changes, so might the ambassador. The same process applies to Argentina. This is why he is going to college.

Nahuel would like to work in the United States in the future but if a better job opens back at Argentina, he would be willing to move back. He would like to combine digital science with international relations and politics when he graduates. He has one year, from the time he graduates, to get a job in the U.S. before his visa runs out.

Dr. Richard Robyn is an associate professor of political science and expert of the international relations and the U.N. at Kent State. He states there are five main departments of the U.N. The five departments are, economic and social, general assembly, security counsel, trustee counsel, and the secretariat. For more about the United Nations as a whole, visit

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