Radarscope — Sea breeze induced thunderstorm forms over the KJAX radar site

I captured this animation using the archive in Radarscope Pro Tier 2. The animation shows the use of the animation scrubber (bottom of image) to get forward and backward animation (hold down the animation “arrow” button until all the frames load and drag your finger back and forth on the timeline).

Radarscope animation of a sea breeze induced thunderstorm right on top of the Jacksonville, FL (KJAX) radar.

The sea breeze induced thunderstorm grows right over the radar location and produces an outflow that “bulges” the sea breeze reflectivity thin line faster to the east.

More info on gust fronts and outflows are in this blog — https://blog.wdtinc.com/outflow-boundaries-and-gust-fronts

A number of videos in a Lunch and Learn series are also available on YouTube: