Trying to be a Naive Entrepreneur again
Robbie Allen

Robbie, given your comments on this subject you might enjoy the following two talks/books.

In his book Mastery, Robert Greene discusses how masters in a field are capable of combining the fluidity of a child’s mind with the accumulated knowledge of a more developed mind (AKA finding the sweet spot) to produce creative insights. Alternatively, you can check out his talk on YouTube.

The next talk/book isn’t as directly related, but Beau Lotto talks about the subject of “creative” solutions from a neuroscientific perspective in his book “Deviate”, and elaborates on the fact that our internal solution-space is shaped by our assumptions. He also argues that the best way to have “creative” ideas is to develop an high-dimensional solution-space.

Arguably, finding an idea for a startup is a creative insight.

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