Generic approach to iOS UI Tests in Swift
Krzysztof Kempa

Hi @Krzysztof Kempa!

Thanks for sharing your experience with Swift / KIF and IOS automation tests.

I have a doubt about your tests. I think it's simple, but I don't know how to deal with that.

I'm trying to implement this model in my own project (it's a simple app for study swift and mobile test automation).

This is my Page.swift

protocol Page {
var test: BaseTest! {get set}
var pageIdentifier: String {get}
init(test: BaseTest)
extension Page {
init(test: BaseTest) {
self.test = test
func waitForView() {
tester.waitForView(withAccessibilityLabel: pageIdentifier)
var tester: KIFUITestActor {
return test.tester

When I try to run the tests, shows these errors:

  • "use of undeclared type BaseTest"
  • "use of undeclared type KIFUITestActor"

I'm very glad if you can help me with this.



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