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Bill Belichick to no longer use the NFL’s sideline tablets.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick has expressed a strong dissatisfaction with the NFL’s sideline tablets. He stated that the tablets are too unreliable. He will instead be using photos of plays to circumvent these issues.

Green Bay Packers possibly acquire a new running back.

After playing a game with only one active running back, the Packers have allegedly traded for a new one. Terez Paylor of the Kansas City Star reports that they traded for Chiefs running back Knile Davis. The urgent need for the trade stems from current Packers running back James Stark undergoing knee surgery Sunday morning.

Thieves steals $150,000 in hockey sticks.

After rappelling into a Montreal sports store, a pair of unidentified thieves stole about 500 professional hockey sticks valued at $300. The thieves bundled the sticks together and loaded them into an escape van. Police expect them to sell the sticks on the internet.

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