1. Larry Hogan has been governor of Maryland since 2015.
  2. He is married to Yumi Hogan and has three children.
  3. Educated at DeMatha Catholic High School, Father Lopez Catholic High School, and Florida State University.
  4. He is part of the Republican Party.
  5. He is Catholic.
  6. He is a cancer survivor.
  7. He is personally opposed to abortion, but is not interested in opposing pro-choice laws.
  8. Supports minimal government involvement in economics.
  9. Respects same-sex marriage law despite personal views.
  10. Opposes transgender rights bill.
  11. Wants to reduce the burden on job creating corporations.
  12. Supports greater government transparency.
  13. Supports gun control background checks via a federal system.
  14. Wants to reduce taxes by eliminating waste and fraud.
  15. Is considered a moderate libertarian.
  16. Currently on a trade mission to Israel.
  17. Signed an executive order designed to combat cancer in Maryland.
  18. Launched an executive order delaying the start of school until after Labor Day.


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