News Story #2 Retrospective

Overall, I feel my story went very well. My interviewees provided more content then expected both in quality and quantity. There was no major issues except for the fact that Adobe Spark does not function on my primary laptop, requiring me to use a backup. Slightly inconvenient, but not a major issue.

The scheduling of the interview left me with little time to write the project, but it was the best that could be done with the schedule I had and I feel it worked out in the end. I think my questions and preparations gave me plenty of material to work with. In the end I even had to cut a considerable amount of content.

As smoothly as everything went in the preparation and interview process, it mostly just confirmed the usefulness of what I have already learned. As far as the writing process itself, there may be some weakness due to the very short time I had to complete it, but I will have to wait for a grade to see. Hopefully I will be able to spot any weaknesses in my writing style this way.

During the interview process, I came to see that interviews are a good way to learn people’s habits and ticks. Physical or vocal cues seem to become very obvious when someone is in an interview environment. I imagine this knowledge could be applied by a skilled interviewer. Either way, I found it interesting.

I don’t feel like I learned too much about interview skills. Both my subjects took to it very naturally so I had no challenge getting information from them. If anything, I would have had to get them to stop talking were I working under a time constraint. Not only that, but they stayed on topic very well and had something interesting to say for all of my questions. I really lucked out in that regard.

If I could do anything different, I would try to get the interview done earlier in the process of the project. It simply wasn’t possible in this case, but time constraints were easily my number one obstacle in this project, so I would prioritize addressing that issue next time.

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