A fiction novel

Chapter 3

I once heard that the so-called “Thought Broadcasting Delusion” is not a delusion at all. People who feel threatened by voices, and feel that the government can read their minds through the use of incredulously advanced technologies or some kind of out-of-place magic . . . are…

Now that you’ve gotten your feet wet.

The last Rigglin tutorial was just about placing blocks, snapping them together, pressing play, and seeing what happens. This article assumes you’ve read through that or that you have a good handle on basic Blockly assembly.

Processing has a solid handful of basic…

Blockly bindings for p5js

I’ve had Processing in my life for almost a couple decades, and sometimes I’ve taught it to others. Processing is available in many languages: Java, Javascript, and Python. I end up using all of them. For example, I prefer python for fast prototyping if I know…

Anything helps.

Camera shoots down toward the sidewalk, with various items scattered around a tallied up cardboard box and green tyedie backpack. There is a line of American coins, one Quaker Oats Chewy Bar, two Kashi bars, and one over-ripe banana which did not go to waste!

In Memory of Abbie Hoffman (November 30, 1936 — April 12, 1989)




cinematography, choreo, characters, scene description.

approximate transcription of TSKF toasting


Camera moves into the window of an old man’s workshop and passes by him and his hyperactive dog. Camera keeps tracking forward through the room and into a crack in the wall…

It has been a decade since I posted a portfolio entry about how I worked on Tron Legacy and then my site got slashdotted and redditted, ddossing me off my server, which was a long overdue upgrade anyway. My soon-to-be-fiancé who had just freshly fished me out of rehab, was…

JT Nimoy

Creative Technologist Multiracial Queer Trans Womxn of Color, with negative levels of privilege.

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