Drop Bass not Bombs

The SC250 (Sprengbombe Cylindrisch 250) was the most commonly used bomb in WW2, used extensively during the London Blitz.

Remove nose cone from bomb’s outer forged steel shell by unscrewing bolts, and cut a 1 inch hole in the center point.

Grind the steel nose cone center into powder. Extract enough oil from the tail fuze and impact shaft to fill a cup, and mix in the steel powder. You now have ferro-fluid.

Cut two overlapping speaker flaps from cardboard, and mate them together in concentric cyllinders. Situate them inside the nose-cone together, and apply the ferro-fluid between the cardboard layers. Seal with tape.

Remove wire from the bomb fuze trigger and wrap it around the speaker flaps’ cylinders, influencing the ferro-fluid. You now have a woofer speaker.

Extract the clay and aluminium from the explosives, hand-roll with water and wire to produce six 1k ohm resistor components. Let dry overnight.

Use fuze wire and cut small metal armatures for electromechanical relay switches. Make enough of them to produce two makeshift op-amps. Reuse shell machine screws in construction of relays.

With the relays and resistors, use the remaining fuze wire to produce the finished sine wave generator circuit. Use the correct resistors to ensure the chosen frequency is not too high. 100 Hz is a good start. You now have a bass synth.

Connect the woofer speaker element to bass synth, and hang conveniently from a cradle made of the bomb’s tail fin chassis. So it can wobble.

Connect the bass generator to the woofer speaker. Power up the circuit by plugging it into a DC power supply.

Scrape red line of paint from bombshell and mix with solvent. Use paintbrush to spread dissolved paint on small 5x7 inch pieces of paper. You now have event fliers.

Segment the remaining cylindrical shell body into small square tiles. Buff the tiles til they shine like mirrors. Shave bomb’s tail fins to rounded ends, and cross orthogonally to produce an 8-quadrant spherical structure frame. The only remaining steel (if you did it right) is now the small secure ribbons that kept the tail fins angled. Basket-weave this ribbon about the 8-quadrant spherical frame, and glue on buffed mirror tiles. You now have a disco ball.

The entire bomb is consumed.