Why Is Hillary Clinton Still In the Race?

(A few Sunday morning musings aloud)

Why is Hillary still in the race? That sounds like a shocking statement to most people, because that is not the standard narrative which we get from the corporate media. But it is a fair question.

Bernie Sanders came from being an unknown to the nation, less than a year ago, and closed a 60 point gap in the polls, compared to Hillary Clinton, and is now basically tied in the polls with Hillary — he’s roughly one point behind, which is a statistical tie. Much more importantly, when people are asked who they trust — which is a pivotal question, and a deciding question in any election — people repeatedly and overwhelmingly respond by saying they don’t trust Hillary, and they do trust Bernie.

In fact, a recent poll asked people their preferences of presidential candidates compared to certain widely unpopular things. The American people found Hillary and Trump both to be less favourable than root canal, used car salesmen, or head lice. They narrowly beat out cockroaches.

These are not popular candidates who have the support of the people. Both Clinton and Trump have a net negative favourability rating of 20% — which is enormous. Bernie has a plus 2% favourability rating, which is not strong, yet, but it is soaring: and when 2% more of the people favour Bernie than do not, that is certainly vastly stronger, and broader, popular support than being disfavoured by 20 points.

So Bernie is overwhelmingly the favoured candidate by the people, if we look carefully and honestly at the polls. But Trump and Clinton are favoured by the business elite, and that is why the mass media is heavily skewed and biased in their favour. Despite their populist posing and pretences, both are firmly establishment candidates, and that is why the corporate media love them.

Polls show that 64% of Americans don’t trust Hillary. And what is more, even that slim support is collapsing. The more people find out about Hillary, the less they trust her. The opposite is true of Bernie. The more people learn about Bernie, the more they trust him. Which is why he is on a winning streak, and Hillary is on a losing streak.

Bernie has won the last six of eight contests, and his popular support continues to grow, while Hillary’s continues to fade. And there are still two months left to go before the Democratic convention, when the presidential candidate will be decided.

The only thing that puts Hillary in the lead is the superdelegates — and the flatly anti-democratic nature of the newly created institution of superdelegates is about to be contested at the convention.

Hillary is the darling of the establishment. She is the poster child of the establishment. She is beloved by the Washington political elite. She is beloved by Wall Street. She is beloved by the military-industrial complex. And she is beloved by the Democratic party elite, who are in bed with the political, military and business elite, and deeply wedded to them.

And of course, the corporate media works for the establishment — it is owned and controlled by the corporate elite. And so, it is not surprising that the corporate media overwhelmingly favours Hillary Clinton, the darling of Wall Street.

But the people are a different question. The people support Bernie over Hillary, and increasingly so. Bernie is drawing mass rallies with huge popular enthusiasm, not Hillary. Hillary has closed door, extravagant fund-raiser dinners for wealthy patrons. Bernie meets people in school auditoriums, and draws thousands — with an open door policy. The difference and the contrast could not be greater. And time is on Bernie’s side — every day that goes by, he gains more support, while Hillary loses support.

So why is Hillary still in the race? Because the elite favour her overwhelmingly. And for that reason, she still might win. But it is definitely far from certain. And Bernie should, and will, be in the race until the end; and he will be in it to win, as he should be.

If Hillary had any honesty or integrity — which clearly she does not — she would bow out of the race now, and let the people have their clearly favoured candidate. But she won’t, because she is a whore to Wall Street and the military-industrial complex which Eisenhower warned us about — exactly as Obama is, and exactly as Bush was. These are the sad facts of the matter, and a growing majority of the people are quite aware of it.

So, Bernie supporters, as Jimmy Dore says, don’t freak out. Stay the course. We are in it for the revolution, not the presidency — but if we stay strong, we just might win both. And we should certainly continue to press for both. It is attainable, regardless of what the media presstitutes say — and you can’t believe anything they say anyway.

As Yogi Berra said, and I am fond of quoting it, “It ain’t over ‘till it’s over.” Or as my favourite author, Henry David Thoreau said, “There is more day yet to dawn.”

May 14, 2016

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