You Can’t Reason With Someone Who Has Gone Full Fucking Nazi
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Let me open by: 100% agreed with the entirety of your post.

And, I think there’s a secondary issue here. I’m not convinced that Tila is a neo-Nazi (even when she says she is). I’m not saying she is or isn’t, I’m introducing another option: I think Tila, and many others, is so excited about having achieved proper Fame that she/they will do or say anything to keep it up.

Which is my actual concern with modern society and social media. Fame is powerful, addictive, and as we know, generally fleeting. Which causes her, much like Charlie Sheen before her, and too-many “really popular for no real reason at all” types (celebutantes, SnapChat stars, etc), to be will to do whatever it takes to remain Famous.

Today, for Tila, that’s “Become a neo-Nazi”. Next it’ll be renounce that. Then more pornography or whatever. It doesn’t matter.

What matters is after “bring steel mines (and jobs) back” and “deport all members of a religion” and “build a wall”, what comes next? Have the biggest invasion of all time? That’s a headline. Make the greatest wars we’ve ever seen seem lame by comparison? Front page news. Build a yuge bomb, the biggest, greatest bombs you’ve ever seen?

And we’d all do something about it, after we Like this photo of our not-really-friend-but-someone-we-kinda-know-and-don’t-want-to-unfriend’s cat. Oh, and that kid I knew in high school has new babies! Whoa, random coworker is on a beach? Wait, what were we outraged about again? Never mind, I’ve got to go level up my pikachu.

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