What do all those groups you identify as having bias, I would add “contempt”, for President Trump…
Rick Fischer

Rick, you are right — there are a lot of Americans sitting disgusted with the state of America. Further, you are right that many working class Americans have been thrown under the bus by the establishment, and for many years now. It is shameful that it took the 2016 election for this issue to become more at the centerpoint of our debates. I hope, regardless of where things go in the coming months, that the citizens and government of this country start doing a better job to include and service 100% of its residents.

One thing I may suggest you consider is this: other than a lot of lip service, in what way is Mr Trump, or candidly 80% of the GOP, helping their plight? The current administration has done far, far less for the poor and middle class than it pledged to. There is certainly a lot of arm-waving and grandstanding going on, a lot of “pledges” and bluster, and a lot of attention paid to pre-existing job creation plans. But actual policy? Not so much — if anything should be a “signal” to our fellow disenfranchised citizens, it is the health care bill, which unabashedly took money and services from the average American and handed it to those very elites you describe.

Not sure how we find our way through this mess, but I’m sure hoping we do.

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